Let's Face It

We can't opt out of being communicators! So let's learn to craft empowering communication for every opportunity.

You can continually improve with continual access to great resources and mentoring.



Hey, Friend.


Have you ever said something and then wished the words hadn't left your mouth?


Has someone ever said something to you that you couldn't believe left his or her mouth? 


Do you ever feel less than empowered by your communication?


Are you telling yourself things that are preventing you from reaching your full potential?


Would you like to be able to empower others through your communication? 


If you have anything related to communication that you'd like to see enhanced or eliminated, then working on your communication know-how is crucial, and working on it with an expert is too.


Glenn J. Vice, CEO, JMB Companies, Inc.

With the training we received from Connie..., we are confident that we are communicating effectively with our stockholders and other business partners.




Leave nothing to chance.

What we tell ourselves and how we internalize what's going on around us have profound impact on how we communicate in the world. We shape our reality and then take that into our communication efforts. 


This reality makes it SUPER important that we pay careful attention to our communication with ourselves and our communication with others.


Have you struggled to get through to people? Are you regularly aggravated by the lack of respect from other people? Does it seem like you are always repeating yourself? Do you keep quiet in situations because you aren't sure what to say? Do you tell yourself things that you would never say to someone else? 


Our communication is powerful. It's a superpower that we should not underestimate. And we should totally get this power under our control so that we can use it in profound ways and so that it neither destroys us nor allows us to hurt others. 


We gain control of our communication by learning and practicing. We should not leave this to chance. 

Multiple Levels to meet your needs.

The best way to gain control of our communication superpowers so that we harness them in the most influential and impactful ways is to work with a mentor. 


Since we all have different needs and abilities to commit, having options for working with an expert is important. The Impact Academy gives you these options.


Member Level. FREE. Get always free access to

  • a wide range of short communication trainings,
  • printable guides,
  • blog posts,
  • impact messages,  
  • devotionals, and 
  • ongoing engagement and connection through email.

Preferred Level. ONE-TIME INVESTMENT of USD $297. Get everything above and

  • The Impact Starter Course (purchase just this course for $97),
  • topic-specific, in-depth communication trainings,
  • live monthly training/inspiration calls with Q & A, and
  • a copy of The Impact Directive book and study guide. 

Premier Level. ONE-TIME INVESTMENT of USD $997. Get everything above and

  • monthly small-group coaching sessions,
  • The Impact Your Mindset Course, and
  • specialized trainings developed just for small-group session members.  

Leaders Circle Level. YEARLY INVESTMENT of USD $4200. At this level, you are getting it all PLUS monthly one-one-one executive-level coaching time with Connie and access to retreats that supercharge every area of your communication. 

Training, Mentoring, Coaching.
Craft whom you're becoming.

Have you ever had a coach? Coaches train us. They mentor us. They cheer us on and make us better people. Everyone should have a coach. 


The Impact Academy gives you a coach. You decide on the commitment level and the opportunity that's right for you. At any level, something is better than nothing at all.


The Impact Academy is part of my business ministry, The Impact Directive Platform, which is designed with the express intent of spreading positive impact in all directions. It's my way to coach you so that you truly craft your communication in the world. Our members are committed to struggling through the difficult landscape that is daily communication and to doing it with the intent of honoring every person who crosses their path. 


What are you waiting for? I'm waiting for you.

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