How to Increase Your Positive Impact even when
People and Situations are Negative.

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  • discover the 4 main communication techniques that will help you increase your positive impact in every situation.

  • learn how doing communication from these core concepts will change the response that others have toward you.

  • get examples of how to create communication that follows the 4 main techniques of positively impactful communication.

  • find out what research says you are up against when you communicate with others.

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Connie is the founder of The Impact Directive and the owner of Reset Focus, a communication coaching and consulting company. She is also a facilitator for an international training company and the part-time Director of Communications for a land-holding company in Louisiana. In January 2018, Connie retired from Nicholls State University where she taught communication in some form for over 20 years. 


"The IMPACT Directive is a movement to honor others by having positive impact through communication. To help people do this is my calling. I've stepped out of my longtime career of teaching business communication at a university to write a book about impact through communication and to share inspiration for that journey. The journey to really changing our communication through internal motivation is a hard one that needs consistent 'watering.' I'm living proof that it works and am aching to help others get the 'water' they need." ~ Connie

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