Do you sometimes feel less than empowered by your
interactions and relationships with others?


Do you struggle sometimes with how to communicate or
with how others are 
communicating with you?


 Do you feel ready to fly off the handle with rude or
people in person or online?


Yeah, me too.




What an amazing journey life is, right? Surely, you've had those moments of elation and awe. If we're honest though, we don't always feel that way. People can be hard to get along with, and we can feel less than capable of getting through to them or even getting along with them. The bottom line is that we do life with other people, and that can make life hard.

Why all the hype?

Getting our communication right with others should be a top priority, but most of the time, we just wing it.


Our lives are busy. We have obligations. Who has time to stop and think about every single thing that gets spoken or written or thought? If you're like me, you're probably lucky to get through the day without flying off the handle or sticking your foot in your mouth.


And besides, people are rude and inconsiderate. They treat others poorly and think only of themselves. In our business lives and our personal lives, we face dishonorable people regularly. What could they possibly deserve other than what they are giving out? 


Truth is, no matter what others are doing, stopping and thinking and doing communication with honor and integrity are absolutely our calling and our responsibility. You owe it to yourself to get this right because it will impact you as much as it impacts those with whom you communicate. 


We are created to be in community with others, and to make community work, we are given the amazing power of communication.


We can misuse our power, however, and that's why studying and training are so critical to empowering ourselves to show up better each day. I can't opt out of that responsibility and neither can you, even if we don't much feel like doing it.


It's important, even in our super busy lives, to figure out how we can honor others with our communication and to understand why it matters to us and to them that we do this hard work.


So why am I all hyped up about this? Because I'm a recovering negative communicator who has seen dramatic change in my life. And I've been able to share this life-changing work with others.


The concepts and methods are certainly impactful.

What should we do?


The Impact Starter Course is the place to start your journey to impressive communication that has positive impact on yourself & others.

How does this roll out?

The Impact Starter Course is the perfect place to begin. You'll empower yourself with enhanced communication that transforms your influence and impact in the world. 


Your course modules will release as you complete them so that you're able to focus and avoid overwhelm as you make amazing changes.


As you move through, you'll have exercises to complete and some reflection to help you begin to see these concepts in your life and work as you adjust to your new perspective.


Everything builds up to your being able to submit a situation or written work for feedback. It's an amazing way to engage with what you've learned and to hear from me personally. And at the price of the course, that is a super amazing opportunity. 


Each module is broken down into 2 lessons. These allow for shorter chunks of information for better processing and review.


Once you have completed the course, you'll have access to it for as long as our courses are available, and we don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. There's just too much to talk about when it comes to communication, and the landscape changes consistently, so we'll always have more to explore


The investment you're making in yourself means just as much to other people as it does to you. Your purchase shows that you are committed to doing life better with other people, to showing up better, to honoring others in the way that every person deserves to be honored.

What's all in the course?

The six multi-lesson modules will challenge you to think differently about how you use your communication and will motivate you to want to show up differently in your communication, both with others and with yourself. 


Explore how our minds work and how they shape us and our communication. 


Learn how to make the most of these processes so that you can have a powerful impact on others and on yourself.


Be motivated to take what you've learned out into your everyday life.


Our communication empowers us to be more and do more, but we must embrace all that power and use it for good. The position of our heart is central to success in this area. The Impact Starter Course will empower you to enhance your communication and transform your impact.

  • MODULE 1 - Learn about impact & how you do it.

    Our course opener will educate and motivate. You'll learn all that being a great impacter involves and have the tools to begin.

  • MODULES 2-5 - Study four core methods to great impact.

    Our core modules will take you through the four key communication concepts that help us truly have a great positive impact on people. 

  • MODULE 6 - Practice implementing & even get feedback.

    Our last step is wrap up and review. As a bonus, you'll be able to submit some of your communication or a situation to get feedback on what you are saying or planning to do.

You're in the right place to empower yourself to be able to enhance your communication so that you transform your impact.

Make an IMPACT today for only US$ 97.00​

Remember that we offer a full 7-day refund guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

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